Harnessing the natural and renewable energies of the sun, wind, moving water, earth and biomass improves the sustainability of our energy production and delivers benefits to the environment and to human health. These forms of energy are renewable for future generations and do not increase carbon dioxide levels or other pollutants in the Earth’s atmosphere.

TerraJoule Engineering is actively involved in the research and development of renewable energy technologies, working not only to meet energy demands but also to reduce the technical and financial risks associated with each technology.  This work is performed alongside industry to establish standards and to openly share new knowledge and information about renewable  energy technologies.  

Our leading-edge scientists are discovering and developing innovative technologies that will use renewable energy from wind, solar thermal, solar, earth and bioenergies to fulfill energy requirements for electricity, heating and cooling.   Specialists are investigating potential technologies that will harness energy from wave, tidal, and water currents while considering the full scope of impacts associated with marine energy extraction. We are also conducting research on the grid integration of renewable and decentralized energy resources into New Zealand's existing electricity networks.

Renewable energy technologies are one of the fastest growing energy markets in the world today. Our work in New Zealand and abroad demonstrates a proactive approach to achieving a sustainable society. As these technologies become more prevalent, the research undertaken by our scientists will position New Zealand at the leading edge of the worldwide renewable energy industry.